Who We Are


Being around for almost 25 years has taught us a thing or two about success. Repeat business and referrals are very important to us, as evidenced by how many of our clients have contracted with us to do multiple projects. So often we hear how much they appreciate our efforts to minimize the inconvenience and mess that are unavoidable byproducts of our business.

Greg Paul

We’ve put systems in place that help keep our small staff productive and efficient, no matter how heavy our load. Technology speeds us along, but the important thing is that we have a stable, compatible group of folks who work well together. We count on each other’s strengths and skills to get the jobs done.

One of the reasons that a small company like ours can successfully take on as many projects as we do is our solid relationship with subcontractors. Our subs value our business and know how important it is that they deliver what we expect from them. When subs are initially hired, and again each subsequent year, they are asked to sign an agreement that outlines job site safety, expectations for site maintenance and cleanliness, standards for our channel of communication, our dress code and smoking policy, and payment terms. We give them reasonable advance notice about upcoming projects, complete job descriptions, fair and meaningful supervision, and prompt payment. That’s why Greg Paul Builders has been able to put together a strong, experienced team built on respect and reliability.